3 comments on “Free Spaceship for the blender game engine (ready to fly)

  1. Really smooth.

    I think it’s better to set mouse L/R to rotate left-right (Yaw) and use they keyboard for rotating left and right (Roll). I.e. QE for rolls, W forward, S backwards and AD for sideways movement.

    • Hi thanks for trying it out. and thanks for suggestions. first of all you can change the Control any way you like!.
      i did the controls like this so it wont feel like a FPS. i want it to feel more like flying an airplane or a helicopter.
      if you have been playing Battlefield you will see that it is very similar two both (airplane and heli) depending on the keys you use.
      i made an update and some bugfixing

  2. Yeah, I understand that, but without aerodynamics in space, that feels odd. Since it is a template, it doesn’t matter much, just pointing it.

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